How To Fix Backpack Zipper : 5 Common Problems & Solutions 2022

A broken zipper on your backpack is the second most annoying thing that can happen before you leave home, and we may have encountered it before but don’t get the solution of how to fix the Backpack zipper on our own. Fortunately, we have quick and easy solutions when your backpack is on the side of the backpack.

This article will teach you how to Fix a Backpack Zipper that came off on one side. After reading this guide you’ll get the proper solutions of how to fix a Backpack Zipper. Are you ready to learn How to Fix a Backpack Zipper that Came off on One side?

5 Ways to learn the fixing of broken zipper:

  1. Fixing of a broken zipper on a backpack
  2. Fixing a zipper without the help of any tool
  3. Replacement of zipper slide on a backpack
  4. How can you put a zipper back on a backpack?
  5. Fixing of the separatable backpack zippers

1. Fixing of a broken zipper on a backpack.

If the entire zipper breaks, including the teeth and surrounding fabric, and needs to be replaced, then you need to know how to use the sewing machine. There are plenty of demos on YouTube on How to Fix a Broken Zipper on A Backpack. In case you want to do it yourself or choose an easier method-if the part is still under warranty, please send the part back to the manufacturer (see the brand’s return and repair policy), Or go to a specialized gearbox repair shop.

Broken zippers are pretty common, but they are easy to repair. If your time is tight and you need to go somewhere as soon as possible, you can try some solutions. One of the most effective methods is to use a paper clip. Just open one end of the clip and pass it through the hole where the handle usually fits. Or, you can turn a key ring, telephone line jack, or anything small enough, flexible, and flexible into a zipper puller. If you have time, you can replace the temporary solution with a new zipper head.

Repairing damaged sliders requires less immediate correction. If the slider is broken, you may only need to replace it. But deleting and installing a new one is a straightforward process. Use pliers to cut off the broken slider. Just slide the new slider slowly towards your teeth to replace it. It won’t take long to put the slider in the correct slot and hit it at the right angle.

If despite multiple attempts to lubricate and secure the zipper, it still does not fully extend or close properly, you may need to replace the zipper.

2. Fixing a zipper without the help of any tool.

Fixing a Backpack zipper is an easy method. Here’s How to Fix A Zipper On A Backpack Without Tools. Add lubricant to the zipper teeth. Sometimes the teeth of your backpack may need a bit of lubricant to make it work again. Everything is possible, such as lipstick, crayon wax, and petroleum jelly. Do this in moderation and make sure that the materials you use do not stain you.

3. Replacement of zipper slider on a backpack:

A more reliable solution for fixing the zipper is to replace it completely. Here’s the complete guiding with step by step on How To Replace A Zipper On A Backpack.


  • To separate the zipper (the zipper with separate ends, like the front zipper on a Backpack) it is easier to remove one or two zippers.
  • When talking about non-separating zippers (The non-separating zipper is sewn inside at one end, like a store door), You may need to open the seam before removing the zipper stop.

Steps to Replace the Backpack Slide Zipper

  • Find a suitable replacement for your zipper.
  • Use pliers (or tweezers, if you have one) to gently pull or cut off the plug.
  • Pull out the end slide rail.
  • Then put a new one. The slider is in place (for a zipper that will not separate, insert the zipper teeth into the two front holes of the new slider). Ensure that the slider is pointing in the right direction and not in the opposite direction when trying it.
  • Grab both teeth of the zipper together and move the zipper slider. It may take several attempts to glide smoothly.
  • After the zipper is working, put on a new collar and re-sew the required seams.

4. How can you put a zipper back on a backpack?

If you’ve found out that the zipper head (slider) does not move up and down or cover one of the zipper teeth, it may be that the zipper is not attached or broken. It is most common in the case of backpacks and makes them almost unusable. In this guide, you will learn How To Put A Zipper Back On A Backpack or how to reinstall the zipper on the backpack using needles, thread, and pliers.

Although it is recommended that you first understand some basic sewing techniques, we will briefly introduce them. We will show you how to repair a backpack or How To Put A Zipper Back On A Backpack and How To Fix a Backpack Zipper that Came off on One side that cannot be adequately closed by repairing an uneven zipper without a sewing machine.

  • Locate the problematic area of ​​the zipper.
  • Slide the tab to the side without a stopper and pull it out continuously to remove the tab.
    • Note:
      • Slider (zipper slider): A sliding is anything a device or tool that moves the chain up and down to open or close the latch.
  • Remove at least four teeth on each side to make room for sewing.
  • Squeeze the pliers’ handles together, grasp the single zipper pin, and then pull it out. This may tear the fabric of the zipper, but it will be sewn on later.
    • Be careful not to injure yourself when pulling back the pliers.
    • During this process, small sharp parts will fall off. Take care of these small pieces so they can be thrown away.
  • Using a thread similar in color to the backpack, pass one end of the thread through the needle’s eye.
  • Pass the needle through the thread until it hangs in the middle. You should have two threads of equal length on each side of the needle. Please tie the loose end of the thread into a knot.
  • Now put the slider back onto the zipper.
    • There is a dividing line in the middle of one side of the slider inserted first.
  • Slide one side of the zipper in and pull it up. See if the slider can close the backpack.
  • Put the zipper back on the zipper and sew both ends to prevent the zipper from slipping off.
  • Pass the needle through one side of the zipper fabric and draw the knot until it stops.
  • After this, you should insert the needle from the other side. Tighten the zipper on the fabric side until it feels safe.
    • Repeat this step again and again as many times as necessary.
  • Finally, tie a knot and cut off the excess thread with scissors.
  • Tuck or click the zipper in the flap of the backpack to close the end.
  • Sew on the zipper cloth. Go to the backpack to fix it.

5. Fixing of the Separatable backpack zippers:

As you better understand how the zipper works, let’s talk about How to Fix a Backpack Zipper that Came off on One side. If your zipper is not working, there may be no problem with the zipper head. If your zipper is broken, there is a problem. The zipper teeth are connected in the wrong way.

If the zipper does not work, please pay attention to the following:

Here’s usually two conditions when it gets separated, so here are two methods to fix it.

Fixing of the Separatable backpack zippers
  1. How To Fix A Backpack Zipper That Separates (the zipper flap opens after you close it)

This is a type of zipper with excessive overhang on the zipper head. The funnel is too large to hold the tines together correctly. Squeeze the zipper head gently to remove some horizontal and vertical space.

2. How To Fix A Backpack Zipper That Separates (the guide rail coming out of the zipper head):

 This is a type of zipper in which a zipper guide plate comes out of the zipper head. As a result, the “funnel” of the pillar head becomes too large, and the pillar is separated from the track. You need to open the zipper head a bit, insert it into the zipper guide, and then close the funnel of the zipper head.


In conclusion, if your backpack zipper is stuck, you can try a few different methods to fix it. First, try using a pencil to push the teeth of the zipper back into place. If that doesn’t work, you can use a paper clip or a safety pin to help the zipper along. If those methods don’t work, you can always take your backpack to a tailor or a cobbler and have them fix it for you.

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